Gotatrypa Struve, 1966
Selection of related publications
Baarli, B. G. 2021. Plectatrypinae and other ribbed atrypides succeeding the end Ordovician extinction event, Central Oslo Region, Norway.Journal of Paleontology 95 , 1,75-105. DOI:10.1017/jpa.2020.69
Bassett, M. G., Cocks, L. R. M. 1974. A review of Silurian brachiopods from Gotland.Fossils and Strata 3 , 1-56.
List of species
1. Gotatrypa hedei (Struve, 1966) | Raikküla StageAdavere Stage
2. Gotatrypa vettrensis Baarli, 2021 | RhuddanianAeronian
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