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List of species
1. ?Becscia pentagona Baarli, 2022 | HirnantianRhuddanian
5. Ancillotoechia bidentata (Hisinger, 1826) | Jaani StageKaugatuma Stage
9. Apatorthis inflata Öpik, 1933 | Keila StageOandu Stage
10. Apatorthis jugata Öpik, 1933 | Lasnamägi Stage
11. Apatorthis punctata Öpik, 1933 | Jõhvi SubstageKeila Stage
12. Apatorthis tenuicosta (Eichwald, 1840) | Jõhvi SubstageKeila Stage
15. Askerina cymbula Baarli, 2021 | HirnantianAeronian
17. Atrypa (Atrypa) dzwinogrodensis (Kozłowski, 1929) | Adavere StageJaagarahu Stage
18. Atrypa (Atrypa) gotha Copper, 2004 | LlandoveryWenlock