Zoophycos Massalongo, 1855

Taxon description

Buatois et al., 2017

Burrows with helicoidal spreiten.

Plička, 1968

Diagnosis.-In 1855, the following diagnosis of the genus was presented by A. Massalongo: "The leaves simple or branching, linear, tubular, very dense, radial, spirally winding, separated or joined together, at the base converging to a strong phylum of cylindrical or conic shape, rounded, often irregularly rising." (Massalongo, 1855, p. 46). 

Selection of related publications
Vinn, O. & Toom, U. 2015. The trace fossil Zoophycos from the Silurian of Estonia. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 64, 4, 284. DOI:10.3176/earth.2015.34