Zoophycos Massalongo, 1855

Taxon description

Buatois et al., 2017

Burrows with helicoidal spreiten.

Plička, 1968

Diagnosis.-In 1855, the following diagnosis of the genus was presented by A. Massalongo: "The leaves simple or branching, linear, tubular, very dense, radial, spirally winding, separated or joined together, at the base converging to a strong phylum of cylindrical or conic shape, rounded, often irregularly rising." (Massalongo, 1855, p. 46). 

Selection of related publications
Vinn, O., Toom, U. 2015. The trace fossil Zoophycos from the Silurian of Estonia. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 64, 4, 284-288. DOI:10.3176/earth.2015.34