Arenituba Stanley et Pickerill, 1995

Taxon description

Stanley & Pickerill, 1995

Diagnosis. Generally irregularly arranged, sometimes branched tubes radiating from a central gallery, sinlgly or bunched, straight, curved, winding or sinuous, smooth to finely annulate, sand-coated or-filled.

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Mikuláš, R., Meškis, S., Ivanov, A., Lukševičs, E., Zupinš, I., Stinkulis, G. 2013. A rich ichnofossil assemblage from the Frasnian (Upper Devonian) deposits at Andoma Hill, Onega Lake, Russia. Bulletin of Geosciences 88, 2, 389-400. DOI:10.3140/bull.geosci.1358
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