Multina Orłowski, 1968

Taxon description

Hanken et al., 2016

This is an endichnial, horizontal, irregular net, of which meshes are formed by branching strings, which are 1–2 mm in diameter. The strings display arcuate to slightly winding courses and can miss other strings on slightly different levels. The meshes are from 6 to 22 mm, exceptionally 60 mm in the maximal width. The net runs along laminae in sandstone beds.

Multina is characterized by overcrossings of strings, also at different levels, in very irregular polygons (Uchman, 1998).

Buatois & Mángano, 2012a

Irregular overlapping networks having straight, meandering to winding strings. Network size is 28.1–190.4 mm and string diameter is 2.0–4.0 mm. Preserved in full relief on sandstone bases.

Orłowski & Źylińska, 1996

backfill type of burrow infilling

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