Psammichnites Torell, 1870

Taxon description

Mángano et al., 2002c

Emended Diagnosis. Predominantly horizontal, sinuous, meandering to looping traces with transverse or arcuate internal structure and a distinct median dorsal structure, commonly represented by a sinusoidal or straight ridge/groove, or regularly spaced circular mounds/holes. Preserved in full relief on top of beds or, more rarely, in negative hyporelief.

Selection of related publications
Hoffmann, R., Grimmberger, G., Knaust, D. 2016. Tubichnus angulatus- A Complex Burrow System from Erratic Boulders of Early Cambrian Age, Northeast Germany and South Sweden. Ichnos 23, 1-2, 116-125. DOI:10.1080/10420940.2015.1132214
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