Macaronichnus Clifton et Thompson, 1978

Taxon description

Bromley et al., 2009a

Ethologic Interpretation. Macaronichnus segregatis has been shown to be produced by organisms that feed on epigranular microbial films within well-oxygenated foreshore sands; depths of activity within the sediment normally range below 20 cm. However, Dafoe et al. (2008) found them in the upper 5–10 cm, where as in extreme cases they reach 1.5 m (Clifton and Thompson, 1978; Saunders and Pemberton, 1990b; MacEachern and Pemberton, 1992, p. 68; Pemberton et al., 2001).

Selection of related publications
Knaust, D. 2004. Cambro-Ordovician trace fossils from the SW-Norwegian Caledonides. Geological Journal 39, 1, 1-24. DOI:10.1002/gj.941
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