Polarichnus Narbonne, Gibling et Jones, 1979

Taxon description

Narbonne et al., 1979

Diagnosis. U-sharped burrow formed perpendicular to stratification, with burrow cross-section sub-rectangular to elliptical. spreite absent; sedimentary laminae between the arms are domed upward and show a distinctive pattern of small-scale asymmetric folds and microthrusts.

Selection of related publications
Davies, N.S., Sansom, I.J., Turnar, P. 2006. Trace fossils and paleoenvironments of a Late Silurian marginal-marine/alluvial system: the Ringerike Group (Lower Old Red Sandstone), Oslo Region, Norway. Palaios 21, 1, 46-62. DOI:10.2110/palo.2003.p03-08
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