Amphorichnus Männil, 1966

Taxon description

Vinn et al., 2015d

Description: Short to elongate nearly cylindrical to amphora-shaped, limestone filled burrows with unornamented shafts and slightly constricted apertures, circular to slightly elliptical in a transverse section.

Selection of related publications
Vinn, O., Wilson, M. A., Toom, U. 2015. Distribution of Conichnus and Amphorichnus in the Lower Paleozoic of Estonia (Baltica). Carnets de Géologie 15, 19, 269-278. DOI:10.4267/2042/58180
Männil, Ralf 1966. Vertical burrows in Ordovician limestones of the Baltic. The organism and environment in the geological past. Ed: Hecker, R. F., pp. 200-207.
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