Amphorichnus Männil, 1966

Taxon description

Vinn et al., 2015d

Description: Short to elongate nearly cylindrical to amphora-shaped, limestone filled burrows with unornamented shafts and slightly constricted apertures, circular to slightly elliptical in a transverse section.

Selection of related publications
Vinn, O., Wilson, M. & Toom, U. 2015. Distribution of Conichnus and Amphorichnus in the Lower Paleozoic of Estonia (Baltica). Carnets de Géologie 15, 19, 269-278. DOI:10.4267/2042/58180
Männil, Ralf 1966. Vertical burrows in Ordovician limestones of the Baltic. The organism and environment in the geological past. Ed: Hecker, R. F., pp. 200-207.
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