Teichichnus Seilacher, 1955

Taxon description

Knaust, 2018a

Diagnosis (emended herein): Vertical to oblique, unbranched or branched, elongated to arcuate spreite burrow with stacked convexdown and/or convex-up laminae and a passively filled terminal causative burrow. Funnel-like extension of the tube and wall ornamentation may be present.

Lima & Netto, 2012

Horizontal, concave tile-shaped, unbranched, flattened burrows forming vertical spreite. Burrow margins showing a discrete sinuosity along the burrow and tiles apparently are separated each other by a muddy film. Burrow fill similar to the host rock and burrow course slightly curved. Average burrow diameter is 9 mm. Preservation in positive hyporelief.

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