Arcuatichnus Kowalski, 1978

Taxon ID: 7148 | 2013-03-21 / 2019-01-14
Fossil group: Ichnofossils
Belongs to:
Stratigraphic range: Alam-Kambrium (endine liigestus) Kesk-Kambrium (endine liigestus) (within ca. 542.0–510.0 million years)
Baltoscandian species (in database):
Selection of related publications
Orłowski, S. & Żylińska, A. 1996. Non-arthropod burrows from the Middle and Late Cambrian of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 41, 4, 385-409.
Kowalski, W. R. 1978. Critical analysis of cambrian ichnogenus Plagiogmus Roedel, 1929. Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae XLVIII, 3/4, 333-344.
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