Gordia Emmons, 1844

Taxon description

Hammersburg et al., 2018

Diagnosis.—Smooth, winding but not meandering, unbranched, cylindrical burrows with common overcrossings and massive infill (Fillion & Pickerill, 1990; Wang et al., 2009).

Getty et al., 2017

Remark. The ichnogenus Gordia is similar to Helminthoidichnites and Helminthopsis, but can be differentiated from these two taxa by its tendency to loop and self-cross (e.g., Pickerill and Peel 1991; Han and Pickerill 1995; MacNaughton and Pickerill 1995; Buatois et al. 1998b; Uchman et al. 2009).

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