Scolicia Quatrefages, 1849

Taxon description

Hammersburg et al., 2018

Diagnosis.—Variable and selectively preserved, simple, winding to meandering to coiling, bilobate or trilobate backfilled burrows; may have one or two parallel, locally discontinuous strings along base; area between strings flat to slightly convex; cross sections circular to oval; geopetal meniscate backfill common but massive burrow infill also common (Häntzschel, 1975; Uchman, 1995).

Howard & Frey, 1984

Diagnosis Closely and complexly annulated, essentially horizontal trilobed trails having major lateral lobes anda subordinate median lobe or furrow.

Selection of related publications
Palij, V. M., Posti, E., Fedonkin, M. A. 1979. Soft-bodied Metazoa and trace fossils of Vendian and Lower Cambrian. Upper Precambrian and Cambrian Paleontology of East-European Platform, pp. 49-82.
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